5 Best Passive income & side hustle ideas for 2022

Would you like to form a passive financial gain in 2022? Are you searching for any high-paying facet hustles to try and do this year? during this video, we are going to point out the five best passive income and side hustle ideas for 2022. These ideas will be done by anyone to earn thousands of rupees each month in 2022.

If you want to make cash online and obtain some further sources of income for you, then you need to undoubtedly watch this video. I will be able to tell you thoroughly about 5 different ideas that you just will work on this year. These include marketing home-cooked food online, taking part in analysis work on respondent.io, dealings your house/rooms on Airbnb, investing in dividend stocks, and selling informative content online equivalent to courses, e-books, audiobooks, apps, etc.

1.Home Cooked Food Online

Many of you are interested in cooking. Or if you don’t know how to cook just like me, Then there must be many people in your house. Mom, dad, brother, sister Who can cook good food! Then, in that case, You can sell your home-cooked food. In your area or your city. And the best part about this idea right now, In 2022 is you just need to cook good food. You don’t need to do publicity. You don’t need marketing. You don’t need to handle operations. You don’t need to handle the delivery also this time. There are many online platforms like “Homefoodi”, “Ootabox“, “Masala box” And there are many others.

That sells online home-cooked food. And on this platform, if you register as a chef, Then through them You can sell your homecooked food And these platforms will handle all your work. Your marketing, publicity, delivery All will be taken care of by them. You just have to make your tasty & good homecooked food. And definitely, I am not saying that Through these platforms, You will start earning 1 lakh per month from the first month. But as consistently, You keep selling homecooked food. Keep on cooking good food. And create a loyal customer base. Then I am pretty sure after a few months, By selling food on these platforms 50 Thousand rupees, 1 lakh Or more than that can be earned. So what are you thinking? Catch those who can cook good food. Pitch this idea to them. And from start selling homecooked food from tomorrow itself.

2.Research Work on Respondant.io

So Respondant.io is an online platform Where the world’s biggest brands Reputed organizations like Microsoft, oracle Dropbox, Google, Etc. All these, for their research work, Searches for participants or volunteers. And for their research work, these organizations Recruit people like you & me as participants. And with them, online one to one Conducts one-to-one interviews /meetings. Not like they will provide many survey forms, And you have to fill those surveys, no it’s not like that. Your one-to-one interviews are conducted. Where you have to answer some of their questions. And because it is an international platform, There are many global international brands. Because of this, you get payment According to international standards.

That is very high. For example, I am a software developer by profession. And software developers get 200$ on their website. That is approximately Rs.15,000. For one hour of their interview. This means if through their platform In a month if you give 1 or 2 interviews And devote 1-2 hours in their research work, Then you can easily earn 15-30,000 per month or more. And this according to me, Is a really good side hustle. Especially for those who are working professionals. And those who have work experience.

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3.Renting out your place on “AIRBNB”

Many people among us Don’t have their own house or an extra flat. Which we can rent out on AIRBNB. But in India what I have is Maximum people among us Have an extra room r extra floor. Where no one stays And usually, we keep it for the guests. Whenever a guest visits our house they will stay in that room. And such extra rooms or floors You can rent out on AIRBNB. When there are no guests at your house. And he empty room where no one stays, Through that, You can easily earn a good source of passive income. And our parents usually don’t have the idea, That there is scope in these extra rooms & floors. Of earning a passive income. Because they are not aware of platforms like AIRBNB.

So you have to explain it to your parents. You must teach & educate them about these platforms. And you have to show them, How through this extra space & rooms You can earn a good source of passive income. And consider your room average price Between Rs.1000-1500 on AIRBNB, And from 30 days if your keep this room occupied for 20 days And bring a guest in this room, Then easily through AIRBNB, Then you can earn Rs. 30-45,000 or more than that. As a passive income. Apart from this, I will give you a bonus idea, For those who don’t have extra room/floor to rent on AIRBNB. Nowadays there are many platforms from where people Take a bike or car for rent. And if you have a car/bike which is not used daily. And is kept idle for somedays Then for those days your car/bike, Register them on the online platform you can give on rent. And you can passive income through the vehicle.

4.Buying Dividend stocks

Dividend stocks are those stocks, That pays good & high dividends to their shareholders. So now what is dividend? Basically the profit earned by a company in a year, One portion of that profit is divided into the shareholders. And this portion or profit is called as Dividend. And let’s suppose , You have some company’s stock worth Rs.1 lakh And this company announced dividend of 5%. Means you will get Rs.5000 as dividend. On your 1 lakh rupees stock. To explain how dividend is a powerful source of passive income If in 1970 in infosys IPO If you had invested only Rs.10,000 Then in 2016 your investment value Would have been Rs.24crore. And this is your investment value.

In 2016, as dividend you were getting alone Rs.1.4 crore So Rs.10,000 which you invest in 30-40 years back Alone in one year It paidout Rs.1.4 crore as dividend. And many of you must not have knowledge of stock picking, You need not worry about tha also. There are many mutual funds Which are called Dividend mutual funds. Who invest in such stocks that provide good dividend. And the dividend directly comes to you. So you can invest in such Dividend mutual funds.

5.Selling “Informative Products”

I know this selling “Informative products”, Sounds big & heavy. But it’s a very simple and basic thing. Selling informative products means online courses Audiobooks, E-books. Or Educational apps. And at this time if you have any knowledge or skill, Or any information Which you think you can teach others Or you can share with other people. Be it an online course or you can write an E-book. Then you can monetize your knowledge. By sharing it online with people. And the best part about this idea is You just have to put one-time effort. If you are making an online course then it is an ontime effort.

If want to write an E-book it is a one-time effort. Or if you are making an educational app More or less it has a one-time effort. And once you put the one-time effort, After that many years or maybe for a lifetime People will keep on buying your thing/content. And pay you for that. And this can be a very solid source of passive income. So now you just have to think, Do you have a skill which you can teach other people? Or Is there any exam in which you performed well? About which you can teach other people, Or If you don’t have any skill, Then you can develop a skill. And then by making an online course you can teach others. So just have to think a little bit. You have to be a little bit creative And you must put in some effort. But this is one of the best ways in 2022.

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