5 Skills You Should Learn To Make Thousands of Rupees Every Day 2022

For the last 5-10 years, The demand for knowledge-based jobs is decreasing And the demand for skilled-based jobs is increasing. And that’s why in this article, We will talk about 6 different skills That you should learn To earn thousands of rupees every day. And in this video, I am going to talk about 6 skills that have a lot of demand But supply is less. So there is a lot of potential in these skills. And to learn these skills You will need just 2-3 weeks.

So after 2-3 weeks, After learning these skills, You can earn a lot of money using these skills. But if you are someone who is expecting, That I will tell you about some apps in this video With which You can earn thousands of rupees in a day. Then I am sorry this video is not for you. Because in reality, such apps are a big scam And it is difficult to get money from them. We think that we can earn a lot of money, But those are not very feasible or sustainable.

And in this Article, I will tell you about the skills. Then I will tell you how you can learn those skills. How you can learn them completely free of cost? Then I will also tell you, How much time is required to learn those skills? And after you learn at a basic level, Then how much money can you earn. So without wasting any time let’s start


So the first skill that we are going to talk about demand in the last 2-3 years has increased a lot. You can see that this skill’s use case Is seen almost everywhere. If you are reading something on an Edtech platform Or you are watching youtube videos Or you are watching on Instagram. Or you are watching ads on TV Or you are watching someone’s promotional video. This skill is used everywhere.

“2D ANIMATION or 3D ANIMATION” And basically, Animation means To bring any object or image to life. To bring it to life You must have seen the movie “Bahubali”. If you have watched it then like this video now itself. But if you have watched then You must have watched some cool effects in it. And there they used 2D & 3D Animation. In Kung fu panda also 3D Animation was used. It was a fully 3D animated movie. Or if you learn on many EDtech platforms They also use a lot of Animation over there. Many content creators Who make explanatory videos? They also use animation for that. And believe me, Animation is such an industry Is such a skill, Whose demand is increasing day by day. But still is the supply is less. There are not so many animators, To fulfill that demand. So animators earn a lot.

For example, If u go to Fiverr, Whiteboard & Animated explainers, How much do they charge? You can see that the starting amount is 2700. Some people charge less. Starting amount usually means That they will make 30-60 secs animated video. So for 30 secs animated video, They charge so much. And you can also charge the same. And about learning Animation, Definitely to learn you will need some time. You will need some effort. On a basic level, I think you can learn within 2-3 weeks. There are many free playlists available on youtube. Through them, you can learn animation in 2-3 weeks. Then start picking small projects, For which you charge less amount. Or don’t charge at all. And slowly skill yourself up. And believe me, within 1-2 months You will be skilled so much If you put in a good amount of effort. You can also earn 1000rs or more than Through animation By working as an animator.

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This is a skill for which I can personally vouch. Because I have myself Have learned these skills in lockdown. I know how much this skill is in demand. And I know how easy it is to learn this skill. And how much money you can earn by learning it? And this skill is video editing. I started video editing for my youtube channel. I have edited a total of around 30-40 videos. To edit each video I required around 3-4 hours.

I found that the level of editing I know With that, I can around 3000-5000rs per day For doing a freelance project. I don’t have any previous experience in video editing. And I also don’t know any top & expert level editing. For 30-40 days, If you also learn video editing for 4-5 hours. So you can also reach a level, Where you do the freelance project for people. And 3000-4000 per day You can earn through video editing. There is a lot of demand for video editors For content creators. Many people create content but want to edit it Through video editors. Many small businesses or startups Are hiring video editors to edit their videos. And for video editing many software’s are available.

I use “Adobe premiere pro”. You can use a final cut pro. You can use Da Vinci resolve. There is a lot of software. There is a lot of good free software. So you don’t need to pay. And about learning video editing. I learned video editing By watching videos on youtube for free. I didn’t pay a penny for it. And you can also go and search on youtube. Whichever software you are using? How to learn video editing on it? And completely free of cost. In 30 days you can skill up as a video editor. You also can earn per day 3-5000 rs Which means 1-1.5 lakhs per month You can earn as a video editor.


I still think there is a lot of demand for this skillet present in the market. And actually in a fast & easy way you can learnEarn money through it. And that skill is “Transcribing”. Transcribing means converting any audio or video into text format. Like if I’m making a video right now and If I want to have a text format for this video. Then I will hire some transcribers. Who will convert my audio to text? And there is a similar job like transcriber.

Translator. Who translates from one language to another. There is one more job called ” Captioning”.Like if this is a video & I want captions for this. In English, Hindi, or any other language. Then I will hire some captions person Who will write my captions? And this Transcribing, Translating or captioning skills Is very easy to learn, In fact, you don’t need to do any course for this. With a little experience, you can keep on improving.

And now online there are many websites, Like “Go transcript” or “Rev”. Where you can apply as a transcriber. And you can transcribe for people. And if I talk about Go transcript They give you 0.6$ per minute Which is approximately 36$ per hour They pay to transcribe any audio or video. And 36$ per hour means 2500 rs per hour of your work You will get as a transcriber.


SEO But now we are not talking about SEO. There is one more skill which is in demand. Which is similar to SEO. It is “Search Engine Marketing”. And “SEM” or “Search Engine Marketing“. Is a digital marketing strategy. To increase the visibility of your Website, Page, or Product. On a result page of a search engine like Google And many new small businesses Or E-commerce platforms Are upcoming who sell their products online. And to effectively market their products, They need such paid advertisement. And how can these paid advertisements, Be optimized at the maximum level So they can get more reach & more customers. So they hire Search Engine, Marketing experts. Or hire them to help themselves.

So now if we go in Upwork and search About search engine marketing jobs. You can see many jobs are available. Among them, one is “Google Ads & Facebook Performance Marketing expert.” And they have a fixed price. They are ready to pay you 800$. And he is ready to pay more for higher raises for More experienced freelancers. As you can see There is a lot of demand for SEM jobs. Many people want to promote themselves on Search engine websites. And to make promotion better They want to hire SEM experts. And so I think you should Learn Search engine marketing And skill up yourself.

Because online businesses are increasing day by day. And so SEM expert’s demand will also increase. And if you don’t want to do such individual projects. You want to be a salaried employee. Then in India, you can see the average salary Is around 3.5-4 lakh For a Search engine expert.


Web development believes me is such a skill Whose demand is increasing every year. It is not decreasing at all. And to be honest I think This is one of the easiest skills to learn. By which you can earn a lot of money very quickly. And web developers you can already guess, Make a website for people or companies For small businesses. Make them a website And help them to put it on the online platform. And as a web developer, You can make a website for them in 2 different ways In a proper way by coding like a true web developer HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php You can learn this and make a website. Or else if you are a beginner And you want to start easily Then you can also be a “WordPress web developer” Wherewith coding anything, By learning WordPress you can create websites. And to learn web development, You don’t have to pay anything to anyone. Believe me, there are so many videos on youtube.

The number of videos available for this skill, I don’t think any other skill, Has so many videos on youtube any other platform. So go on youtube & simply search, Web development beginner or anything. I have added many links in the description You can check those out. And the 3 things to learn in the start according to me That is “HTML, CSS & Javascript”. Learn this. Learn to make websites using this. And slowly you will understand how you can make websites? And what else you should learn? I think to become a functioning web developer, You will hardly need 3-4 weeks. If daily you put the effort of 3-4 hours to learn. And once you skill up, Then you can work on many freelance projects. If you know any business in your surrounding You can work on that. Or you can identify through your network If anyone wants any type of website, Then they can contact you. And from start, you can earn per day 2000-3000rs If you are consistently making good websites.

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