Abu Bakar, India’s Most wanted Terrorist apprehand at UAE 2022

abu bakar

Abu Bakar, the mastermind of the 1993 Bombay blast was arrested in UAE on 5th Feb 2022. Abu Bakar is most likely to be extradition to an Indian agency soon for trials.

Who is Abu Bakar?

During the unstable decade of the ’90s, India was hooked by the chain bomb-blasts that occurred on 12th March 1993. These serial bomb-blasts resulted in 257 casualties and 1400+ injuries. The financial capital of the country was completely in shock after the series of bomb blasts. The bomb-blasts gave an indication to the agencies that a huge amount of RDX is been smuggled into the country. Abu Bakar was the mastermind of smuggling the RDX into the country and later on implanting them at various locations across Bombay. He is called the most important Lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim. Currently, the images of Abu Bakar are not available for Indian media.

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What caused UAE to arrest Abu Bakar?

Recently the report of FATF(Financial action task force) Grey List is been published and UAE is at high risk of getting into the grey list which will affect the economy of the country drastically and major investors will pull out their investment from UAE. A few months back when Turkey was listed in the FATF grey list, its currency was at free fall and the economy was consistently declining. UAE surely doesn’t want this to happen with them.

It is at high risk due to major money laundering scams have been detected. To counter that, UAE has started detecting the fake companies who are set up just to convert black money to white money.

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UAE’s removal of ‘Tax-Free Country’ tag.

Recently UAE has imposed a tax on businesses valuing more than 100k$ at a rate of 9%. Before that, there was not any kind of tax that helped the money launderers to invest their black money in fake companies in the UAE and then turn it into white money. Scammers from all over the world used this method to convert their black money into white. But after the tax imposed on companies, it made it difficult to create a fake company to launder money.

Can Abu Bakar will be extradition to India happen?

The answer is Yes, In 2012 during the tenure of Dr. Manmohan Singh, India has signed an extradition treaty with UAE to fight against terrorism and money laundering strongly together. The treaty allows both countries to extrude the criminal of another country to send back to the other jurisdiction. In the extradition treaty, Abu Bakar will be sent to India soon.

Abu Bakar’s arrest can give away to reach Dawood Ibrahim and his illegal businesses in India and abroad. With this, all lead it is not a surprise that Dawood Ibrahim may be arrested or encountered soon but it will be a very difficult task and will need huge intelligence support from foreign intelligence agencies.

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