Biden claims something HUGE is going to happen on 16th February

Ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine have taken a huge turn and the tensions on both sides are continuously increasing. After the failure of the Russia – France bilateral talks, Russia has begun the military drills across the Russian Ukraine border. While the bilateral talks were ongoing, a mig aircraft has flown very closely from the baltic sea which candidly sent a warning to the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries.


After failing all possible methods, US president Joe Biden issued a warning to US citizens in Ukraine to evacuate the country as soon as possible and there will be no evacuation carried out by the US forces. After the warning, Joe Biden decided to have a bilateral talk on the Russia – Ukraine issue with the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Biden – Putin Talks

The topic of the conversation was the ongoing tensions on the border of Russia and Ukraine. The US president started the talks with the superiority complex of America the Super Power. Joe Biden warned the Russian president that if any action is taken by Russia, then Russia has to pay a huge price for it. The US will declare many economic sanctions on Russia which will destroy the Russian economy. But the result of the talk was the same as Russia – France bilateral talks, with no conclusion.

Biden – Putin bilateral talk

Biden warning to Ukraine and World

After the failure of the meeting, the official warning is issued to the NATO countries and Ukraine that something big is going to happen on 16th February 2022. A high alert has been imposed in Europe and the allies of the USA. Biden said to set the defense systems at peak on 16th February as there might be some big event occurring between Russia and Ukraine.

Possible Events

According to the experts, few things can happen on 16th February 2022 as Biden warned the world

Biden warned of a cyber attack

Cyber Attack

It is very possible that Russia may launch a very large-scale cyber attack on Ukraine. Russia is currently going through a population crisis and would not risk its human lives in the war. The most predicted option to start the war is a cyber-attack. Russia will jam the logistics and trade of Ukraine which will give a huge advantage even before starting an actual full-fledged war

Missile Attack

As there is a population crisis going on in Russia, they will try to somehow gain an advantage before starting a war. Here the role of Missiles comes. Russia can fire a huge number of missiles on the important locations of Ukraine which will destroy the backbone of Ukraine and will set Russia at a high position even before starting the actual war.

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