Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings becomes India’s First Sports Unicorn | History made by CSK 2022

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings becomes India’s first sports team to achieve the milestone of becoming a Unicorn. The net value of Chennai Super Kings has crossed the mar of 1Billion$ which is equivalent to 7500Cr Indian Rupees. Now the first question in everyone’s mind is Chennai Super Kings is a company or a business? Let us get into the details of the Chennai Super Kings.

Chennai Super Kings

The team’s majority stake holder is India Cements, the interesting part in the game is India Cement’s own valuation is not 1 Billion$ (7500cr Rs) but the company they own Chennai Super Kings has become the unicorn and this shows the brand value of IPL and Chennai Super Kings Franchise. The rate of share is around 200-225rs.

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Can we buy shares of Chennai Super Kings from the share market?

Currently, Chennai Super Kings Ltd is listed in the grey market. A share market investor can’t purchase the share of Chennai Super Kings. It is a possibility that the IPO of Chennai Super Kings Pvt Ltd can be launched in the coming days and then the valuation of the company is expected to be around 1.5-2 Billion $. In the last 3 years, Chennai Super Kings shares performance has shown a 10x rate in growth of shares.

It is not a surprise that the IPL team has become a unicorn. Recently two IPL teams were sold, ‘Lucknow Super Giants’, and ‘Ahemdabad Franchise’. The Lucknow super giant team’s value is 7090Cr Rs and the value of the Ahmedabad franchise is around 5040 Cr .

Other teams such as Mumbai Indians, Royal Challenger Banglore, Rajasthan Royals, etc are also very close to becoming a sports Unicorn. The main reason for the growth of the IPL franchise is the love of cricket in Indians. People in India literally celebrate cricket as a festival. This is just a start, in the future many teams have the potential of becoming Unicorn.

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Forbes List Of Most Valuable Sports Teams

Even though Chennai Super Kings has reached a milestone of becoming a unicorn but it’s a long way for the Indian Sports team to appear on the Forbes list. Currently, the list is dominated by the Footballs and Basket Ball teams. ‘Dallas Cowboys’ Top the list with the valuation of an astonishing 5.7 Billion $. For India its mostly expected that a team should cross the mark of 2-2.5 Billion $ to appear in Forbes List Of Most Valuable Sports Teams and looking at the growth rate of Indian sports teams, it is not a surprise that we can see Indian sports team in the Forbes List Of Most Valuable Sports Teams.

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