crDroid v6.25 FINAL OFFICIAL A10 Redmi Note 8 Pro

What is Custom Rom ?

crDroid Android is that the world’s leading mobile package. It additionally has one in every of the foremost active developer communities. Since Google has created mechanical man open-source, it means the ASCII text file of the operative system (OS) itself is out there to developers, and anyone will create their version of mechanical man if they grasp what they’re doing.

This can be the explanation why the mechanical man OS varies from Google’s pel devices to Samsung’ OneUI and Xiaomi’ MIUI and everything else. This also means individual developers can produce their custom versions of mechanical man, also called custom ROMs. Developers can produce these custom ROMs and add new options and practicality that aren’t offered in stock/vanilla Android.

Build Date:-05-01-2022

crDroid ROM

Sourceforge :-

Other Files

Miui 12.5 Global fastboot rom :-

Miui 12.5 Indian Fastboot Rom :-

Miui 12.5 Twrp Recovery :-

NikGapps :-


  • Flash latest fastboot MIUI 12.5 (To avoid any errors)
  • Flash latest MIUI 12.5 TWRP recovery
  • Reboot to TWRP recovery.
  • Wipe(5) Flash latest A12 Roms (Ancient Os,POSP etc) then format data
  • Reboot to recovery to check if your internal storage is not encrypted
  • Reboot system.
  • (NOTE :- Flash Disable ForceEncrypt after format data if facing Encryption issue after rebooting to recovery)

crDroid Changelog

  • Updates are now downloaded to /sdcard (default folder by TWRP)
  • Fixed flickering in Night mode
  • Added advanced Night Mode adjustment values
  • Wi-Fi Display for non-Chromecast devices
  • Fix TTL for advanced operators like red
  • Added GCam Mod Burial 8 (the best in terms of color rendition at the moment), the configuration file is unpacked into internal memory, you just need to activate it in the camera
  • Unification of Keymaster and TWRP with MIUI
  • Additional codecs from MTK
  • Integrated Dirac effect instead MiSound
  • Changed amplifier mode for external speaker
  • Fixes for SafetyNet
  • Vertical sync is activated and parameters are selected for better responsiveness of the interface
  • Fixed the volume of incoming calls in the headset and small speaker (a script has been written to recalculate the volume levels during a phone call, in the firmware settings you can select up to 60 levels)
  • Another tuning ZRAM
  • Added new Sepolicy rules
  • The installation archive integrates firmwares for the Global and Indian versions of the phone, together with TWRP
  • Updated factory libraries and added for a new type of frontal camera, as well as added sound libraries from newer MTK devices
  • Thermo profiles from the Indian version of the phone
  • Removed Sta2gBw 1 from /vendor/firmware/wifi.cfg which can cause problems (set manually to whoever needs it)
  • And many other subtle improvements and additions

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