Emergency declared in Canada | Truck protesters blocked USA Canada border | Emergency after 50 years

A panic in Canada is been created due to emergency imports in the state of Canada. After the protest had exploded near the capital of Canada, the president of Canada Justin Trudeau has not been appeared publicly and was underground for a huge time.

Canadian president Justin Trudeau

Generally, we saw that Western countries are more stable compared to African countries and Asian countries. The last time emergency was enforced 50 years back in Canada and the reasons were completely different from today. But generally Western countries are more stable. Every few months, there is news from any African country about a military coup or enforcement of an emergency.

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Reason for Emergency

For a couple of months, Canada is facing a protest of truck drivers on various issues. The main issue of truck drivers is vaccination, Canadian government has put a compulsion on vaccination for all truck drivers, or else the truck drivers are not allowed in the country. Along with this, there are many local issues that are constantly ignored by the Canadian government. These all reasons are responsible for the breakout of nationwide protest.

The major effect of protest has been seen in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The truck drivers completely blocked the main highways reaching the capital and after that, the truck drivers block the 49th parallel which is the boundary between USA and Canada. The truck drivers are constantly honking as a sign of protest

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Emergency because of truck protest

USA stance on the emergency enforce by Canada

USA president Joe Biden he’s constantly keeping an eye on the news coming from Canada. Joe Biden strictly said to the Canadian president Justin Trudeau to control the protest as the USA has a fear that the protest may spark in their country also. There is some news coming from the local level that a few truck drivers from the USA are also participating in protests. To be on the safer side Joe Biden said the Canadian president to take proper actions and to control the protests.

Danger of Martial Law

Currently, an emergency has been enforced which allows the Police Department and central forces to use violence against the protesters but if the situation keeps on escalating martial law may be imposed.

In martial law, all the fundamental rights are taken away from citizens. The military of the country comes on the street and takes necessary action to stop the protest. No courts add open during martial law. If martial law is being imposed in Canada then it would be a very disastrous example of a western country.

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