Evolution X Android 12 For K20 PRO

What is Custom Rom ?

Android is that the world’s leading mobile package. It additionally has one in every of the foremost active developer communities. Since Google has created mechanical man open-source, it means the ASCII text file of the operative system (OS) itself is out there to developers, and anyone will create their version of mechanical man if they grasp what they’re doing.

This can be the explanation why the mechanical man OS varies from Google’s pel devices to Samsung’ OneUI and Xiaomi’ MIUI and everything else. This also means individual developers can produce their custom versions of mechanical man, also called custom ROMs. Developers can produce these custom ROMs and add new options and practicality that aren’t offered in stock/vanilla Android.

Build Date:-4-12-2021



Other Files

Twrp Recovery :-http://fumacrom.com/11UXc
Firmware: http://fumacrom.com/11UX0
Direct frimware link 12.0.4 Raphelin Global :-http://fumacrom.com/11UWc
OFR latest :-http://fumacrom.com/11UVs
Marisa Kernel:-http://fumacrom.com/11UJ1


  • Boot into Latest OFR Recovery
  • wipe data, cache , system
  • Flash from 
  • Flash Kernel  ( Optional )
  • Flash Decrypt File ( Optional )
  • If system Is decrypted the Reboot to System
  • If Encrypted then Format data
  • Reboot


Allow changing monet settings from The Evolver
Evolver: AODSchedule: Add support for mixed time & sun modes
Evolver: Adapt master switch layout to A12
Evolver: Add Ambient Edge Lighting settings
Evolver: Add DND & Rate settings to flash on call
Evolver: Add Flashlight blink on incoming calls
Evolver: Add back theming stuff
Evolver: Allow hiding notification headers
Evolver: Allow scheduling always on display
Evolver: Allow to flash on call only when entirely silent
Evolver: Clean up power menu options
Fix an issue in NPMS blockedReasons computation logic
Fix the case where restricted mode allowed reasons are ignored
PixelPropsUtils: Spoof Pixel XL for Google Photos
PixelPropsUtils: Whitelist Google Dialer
Re-implement Volume Long Press Skip Tracks feature
Screenrecord: Update custom settings dialog drawables
Settings: Allow customizing volume dialog timeout
Settings: Allow hiding navbar
Settings: Improve OverlayCategoryPreferenceController for icon packs
Settings: Make font overlay persistent across reboots
Settings: OverlayCategoryPreferenceController: Sort overlays by name
Settings: allow changing the length of gesture navbar
SystemUI: Don't confuse rotation with orientation
SystemUI: Fix NetworkTraffic UI on expanded QS
SystemUI: Use DT2W setting also to wake from AOD
SystemUI: Use new privacy indicators for location
TtsEngines: avoid crashes caused by null engine name
base: TtsEngines: fix yet another NPE
fonts: Redo custom fonts
fonts: update with SD1A Raven
overlays: declare the right overlay category
styles: Use user fonts for Material UI themes

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