Fullscreen Immersive Gesture Tweaks A10-13 Magisk Module

Fullscreen Immersive Gesture Tweaks A10-13 magisk Module Magisk is absolutely one of the quality equipment for Android strength customers trying to free up the total capacity in their tool. Developed via way of means of John Wu, a.k.a. XDA Senior Recognized Developer topjohnwu, Magisk gives a distinctive “systemless interface” that may be used for the whole thing from rooting your tool to including specific functions to it

. The quality element approximately the usage of it’s miles it permits customers to tinker with machine settings with out sincerely making adjustments to the machine files. By making use of this overlay-primarily based totally mechanism of Magisk, builders can create and distribute ready-to-use mods in a standardized manner. Such mods are categorised as “Magisk Modules” a few of the Android aftermarket modding scene.

Fullscreen Immersive Gesture Tweaks A10-13 Requirements

  • Android 10-13
  • Magisk 20+

Fullscreen Immersive Gesture Tweaks A10-13 Installation

  1. Flash the module
  2. Select the desired options on the volume selector
  3. Reboot
  4. Enjoy!

Terminal Setup

Run on a terminal app the following command su -c hn


  • Any option not working is due to incompatibility with your current ROM (there’s little i can do about it)
  • GSI compabitility isn’t guaranteed due to Magisk’s inconsistent GSI support
  • For issues related to GCam after installing the module you may use the terminal setup tool to increase the navbar size slightly to workaround the issue
  • Automatic navbar coloring doesn’t work on Android 11+



  • Rewrite installer for Android 12+ to use fabricated overlays for higher compatibility
  • Added Gcam lag fix as install option (12+ atm)Translations needed for the Gcam fix option

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