Gateway To Hell is going to be closed forever 2022

Gateway To Hell

Turkmenistan government decided to close the Gateway to Hell. Gateway to hell is a nickname given to a gas crater that is said to be burning for more than 5 decades. There is a discussion all over the world about closing the Darwaza gas crater as it seems to be an impossible task for many reasons.

Darwaza Gas Crater

The official name of gateway to hell is Darwaza Gas Crater. No, Turkmenistan doesn’t speak Hindi. The language of Turkmenistani is Turkmen and in Turkmen language, Darwaza Is called for gate just like Hindi and Marathi language. The name of the Darwaza gas crater was adopted because the town nearby the gas crater is named Darwaza. From the town, the name Darwaza was adopted for the crater.

It really feels like a huge gate to enter hell because of its mammoth size and fire in it. It is a major tourist attraction in the world. It has boosted the tourism industry in Turkmenistan, tourists prefer the Darwaza gas crater more than any other tourist attraction like monuments, etc.

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The History Of Darwaza Gas Crater.

There is not any evidence of the origin of the gas crater but the most popular theory of initiating the gas crater is when Turkmenistan was under USSR, they were in shortage of natural gas. The team of scientists was sent on a mission to find more natural gas. During the search operation, the scientist found that methane was leaking through a piece of land. The scientist dug into the land and found there was a massive crater inside and continuously methane gas was coming outside.

At that time they thought let’s burn this gas and keep the search going again. But no one was knowing how much methane is inside the crater. Scientists put the gas on flame and came after a few days, it was still burning. They came after a few weeks, it was still burning. Months passed, years passed but the crater was still burning and getting wide and deep. In 1991, during the fall of the USSR, Turkmenistan got freedom and the responsibility of the gas crater was handed to Turkmenistan.(Gateway To Hell)

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Why does Turkmenistan want to close the Gateway To Hell?

As of reports, methane gas is very dangerous for the environment and causes damage to people living nearby. And no one knows what’s beneath the gas crater. So the Government decided to close the Gateway to Hell.

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Is it possible to close the gateway of hell?

Currently, it seems an impossible task but there are few ways to perform it. It cant be just extinguished by putting soil on the fire, by doing this the gas will be stored in huge amounts and under high pressure. It will always be a danger in the future that the gas crater may explode like a volcano.

The only way which seems to happen is to find the origin of the crater from where the gas is actually coming and close the origin. It will be an interesting mission to look after by Turkmenistan Government.

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