Google Camera MGC_8.6.263_A11_v3 Apk For Android 11

Google Camera MGC_8.6.263_A11_v3 is that the official camera app developed by Google for golem devices, that could be a substitute for the camera app that comes by default. the primary thing which will strike you concerning Google Camera MGC_8.6.263_A11_v3 are some things negative. the matter is that the button that you just use to require the photo takes up nearly a fifth of the screen, covering an oversized a part of the area that you can be seeing.

Now, apart from this problem, the remainder of the interface is incredibly accessible. you’ll take spherical photos so as to take advantage of the views that surround you in 360 degrees. In addition, you’ll apply an out-of-focus result for SLR photos with a superficial (fake) depth of field otherwise you can activate the high-resolution broad image mode.

All of this can be out there from an extendible facet panel. Google Camera could be a smart camera app that doesn’t have to be compelled to have a lot of filters and different fancy features. it’s a awfully solid different that enables you to try to to precisely what it should: take good photos whenever you would like to.

Build Date :-18 September 2022

MORE INFORMATION Google Camera MGC_8.6.263_A11_v3

Op. SystemAndroid
LanguageEnglish 45 more
AuthorGoogle Inc.
Content RatingAll ages

riceDroid v3.0 Official A12L POCO X2/K30

Google Camera MGC_8.6.263_A11_v3 Changelog

BSG public version changelog (8.6.263 from 09/17/2022):

  • An icon for visualizing the process of saving a photo has been added to the top curtain.
  • The number of frames HDR+ enhanced and night mode has been added to the top curtain.
  • Added enable/disable auto night mode to settings and Color filter arrangement.
  • Fixed work on some devices.
  • Found errors in the work of the modification have been fixed.

Notes ⚠️

The version is UNSTABLE, both individual modes and the modification as a whole may not work on different devices.

Google Camera MGC_8.6.263_A11_v3 Features

Google’s Camera app comes with a rich variety of features across all device models. It comes with a set of advanced features with hardware dependencies, supported on a case to case basis.

  • Crisp, color rich photos without flash.
  • Extra clear and detailed images.
  • Snapchat Lenses surfaced directly in Camera from Google.
  • Moves the portraited subject into the focus.
  • Prevents running out of storage space.
  • Powered by Google Lens.
  • Ultrawide mode and Macro mode to capture photos at any level.
  • High-quality video recordings.

Supported Feature Of Google Camera

Portrait mode

Camera from Google captures beautiful portraits that focus on the subject while professionally blurring the background.

Smart storage

It prevents users from running out of memory with smart storage suggestions and helpful storage indicators.


Built with Google Lens, users can see the world in their own language by simply pointing the camera lens at foreign text and receiving an instant translation.


In addition to capturing detail-rich photos, Camera from Google enables high-quality video recordings.

Available on select devices

Full resolution night mode

Full resolution night mode lets users capture memories at any time of day without flash, keeping colors rich and details crisp.


Camera from Google enables the capture of extra clear and detailed images with HDR.

AR filters

Through a partnership with Snap Inc., users will be able to choose from and apply a variety of filters and Snapchat Lenses to their photos and videos – without having to leave

Multi lens support

Users can capture even more details, either at an extremely wide angle with Ultrawide mode, or close up on small objects with Macro mode.

Official Supported Devices

  • Google. Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2XL
  • Lenovo. K6, P2, ZUK Z2 Pro, and ZUK Z2Plus
  • Asus. Zenfone Max Pro M1, Zenfone Max Pro M2, Zenfone 6, Zenfone 5Z
  • Motorola. Moto G5 Plus, G5S, Motorola One, Moto G5S Plus, Motorola One Power, Moto X4
  • OnePlus. OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 6/6T, OnePlus 5/5T, and OnePlus 3/3T
  • Samsung. Galaxy Note 9, S9/S9 +, Galaxy S8, Note 8, S7, and Galaxy S10/S10 Plus

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