Google Chrome is in sight of Hackers Warning issued by the Government 2022


The number of internet users has spiked after the Jio launch in 2016 and the pandemic. Google chrome is a browser that helps people to surf the internet and it is one of the top leading browsers in the world. After the internet revolution, it has become a basic necessity of most people around the world. As the internet revolution happened, the number of cyberattacks also raised exponentially. Recently Indian Government has issued a warning against google chrome, the version of google chrome is very much vulnerable to hackers.

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Warning by the Officials of Indian Government for Google Chrome.

Indian agency CERT-IN has issued high-level security warning against the hackers that the older version of Google Chrome is a very high risk. An advisor is launched by the government that any person who is using google chrome needs to check their chrome version. Chrome users on Laptops or PC are also at high risk. Multiple vulnerabilities are found in google chrome and hackers can launch a remote attack by surpassing the securities of chrome very easily which may lead to data leaks and saved passwords may also be hacked by the hackers.

Steps to Update Google chrome on Mobile:

  • Open Google Playstore in your mobile if it is android or open app store in IOS
  • Search from the search tab ‘Google Chrome’
  • If you saw ‘Update’ then click on the update
  • If their is only ‘Open’ and ‘Uninstall’ option , then your app has been updated automatically. In that case you need not to worry.
  • After the update is complete, open the chrome and use it for once.

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United Nation Cyber Security Index

UN releases a Cyber security index every year which shows which country is taking steps towards improving cyber security. Currently, the USA tops the UN Cyber Security Index which means the USA is the safest country regarding cyber-attacks.

India’s Rank in UN Cyber Security Index

India has taken massive jumps to improve the condition of cyber security in the country. This year in the annual report on Cyber Security, India ranked 10th among 190 countries which is a big thing because India’s rank in 2020 was 47th followed by 68th in 2019. So by the numbers, we can conclude that the Indian Government has taken massive steps towards improving cyber security in India.

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