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It is more than just a job it’s a career path research shows that the field of i.t support is a launch pad for future career growth and better wages that was the introduction of google’s very own professional certificate in it automation with the help of python and in this video i want to talk about exactly what will you be able to learn in this professional certificate there will be six courses right not one not two but six courses that you can get access to all from google all for free and here is everything that you need to know about this complete course certificate i will show you what we will learn in these courses and how can you get the certificates from google itself

What is Google Certificates ?

F irst of all what are google career certificates these are programs that google themselves have created for people to learn about skills and get them job ready right so at the end you will get a professional certificate and with the help of this certificate you can start applying for jobs and you can get opportunities so that is basically what google career certificates is about they have various different fields in which they have launched different different courses different certificate programs they have one in ux design they have one data analytics they have one in id support and id automation and they also have one will program management but the one that we will be looking at today is going to be on python it’s going to be about id automation the instructors for these courses are from google itself


So i will show you exactly what this course is about first of all let’s look at this course this is a professional certificate google it automation with python professional certificate this is on coursera you can move around and you can get access to this course right so as you can see this is having multiple courses as i have told you before so let’s just go through these one by one our first course is a crash course on python in this course itself you first of all learn about the basics of programming right the very basic stuff right what is a programming language uh why do we need programming languages and the very basic fundamental concepts in the in the

first week you will be learning then you go to the second week in which you learn about expressions and variables you learn about data types you learn about functions defining functions using functions returning values as you can see then we go on to learn about conditionals and in this you learn about comparison operators you learn about if statements else statements elif statements you learn about nesting if else statements and that is the second week

3rd Week you learn about recursion and first of all you learn about loops right so you learn about while loops you learn about for loops very important things learn about nesting all of these loops as well then we go on to

week four and in week four you learn about strings you learn about lists you learn about dictionaries just the different data types and how can you store data and this again is really important you learn about indexing slicing splicing and all the important concepts that are that are required for you to learn the basics of python after this you go on to

week 5 in which you get to learn about object oriented programming with the help of python now they have listed this as optional i do not think it’s optional i think you should definitely learn this it’s very important if you ever aim to build real-world applications with the help of python if you want to start building back-ends if you want to learn about django if you want to learn about how to build servers and stuff so learning about these things is going to be super important so you learn about classes you learn about the self keyword you learn about classes and methods and this all is great they also have labs in which you can practice and that i think is really important as well as they give you some other reading material that you can go through right so that’s basically how the fifth week goes on then uh oh wait a minute they also talk about inheritance polymorphism and stuff like that that is also important and then we go on to the

week six in which you have to apply whatever you have learned in the past five weeks by applying and building a final project they have a couple of these that you can attempt and they also have some labs they have some reading material now if you look at how these lectures or these classes are recorded

As you can see it’s not your typical boring courses they have tried their best to make it entertaining to make it fun and to make it as simple as possible which i think is a great thing that you can get for free from google right so that’s basically how the courses are laid out as you can see one thing to understand is that this much practice is not enough


if you want to approach for your coding interviews this might not be enough for you and for that you should take a look at something else now if you are preparing for your coding interviews as a budding developer you have to take a look at code studio by coding ninjas as you can see this is the code studio website you can check it out with the link in the description it’s completely free for you to use

let’s say you want to go to programming fundamentals you want to strengthen your programming fundamentals you can go down and you can see what sort of questions are asked and in which company interview was it asked right so let’s say you want to go for this pair some question which was asked in flipkart interview amazon interview morgan stanley as well as infosys you can click on this and you can start coding out the solution for this on code studio you can also get access to free structured roadmaps for dsa web development commutative coding and many more different fields in programming they have more than 2000 company interview questions with solutions available both in c plus and java not only this you also get more than 600 plus coding interview experiences from top product based companies like google microsoft and amazon so take a look at the link in the description

More Info On Course

now let’s move on to the next part so now that you have learned about the basics of python you have built some projects you have done some practice then you move on to the next part and you learn about how to interact with the operating system with the help of python right so for this this is what you will be learning right this will be again like a six week seven week course in which you will be learning about rejects regular expressions you will be learning about managing files with python you know reading and writing files in the memory uh you will also learn about you will learn about managing data and processes you learn about testing in python you learn about bash scripting and that’s basically what this second course is going to be all about you know

they also have some really interesting forums that you can go to and you can ask questions so that is also a good add-on for that after that you then go on to learn about git and github which again is really important this is all about version control and how can you get your projects up on github and how can you use git to push directly to it right so that’s again a really important course that everyone should be knowing if you want to become like a python developer after that you learn about troubleshooting and debugging that is the fourth course the fifth course is about configuration management and the cloud that’s where you learn about puppet and then you learn about automating real-world tasks with python

right so if you look at this this i think is a really interesting course down here if you see you learn about manipulating images you also learn about how to work with pil the python image library to work with images then after that you learn about different web services you learn about json learn about http get and post methods and you also learn about django finally over here then you learn about automatic output generation in which you learn about the smtp emailing server library in python then you learn about adding tables to pdf and stuff like that so really interesting applications of python you will be able to learn in this whole course which is the last course of this complete professional certificate by google this is what you need to know if you want to get started as a python developer if you want to learn python i like how they are going into depth i like how they are giving you applications of python there are so many different modules that you can get into with the help of python and you can start building some really interesting projects i myself have built over 100 different projects in python so i know how interesting it can actually be so yeah i think this is a great course that you can get started

How To Get Google Certification For Free

complete professional certificate if you click on the financial aid available you can click on continue to the application when you click on this when you apply for the financial aid they will ask you a couple of questions like for example they will ask you why do you want to apply financial aid what is your earning like and personally when i was getting started i did not have any earning i was pretty much not having enough funds to like buy courses and stuff so i just applied for this i just said my earning is zero uh why am i applying financial aid because i really need it you can just write a long paragraph and you can get access to this course it will take about 15 days to get the financial aid done but once that happens then you can get the course certificate as well so what happens is that once you complete all the five or six courses that they have in this professional certificate you will get a professional certificate from google that you can use in your resume and stuff like that but you do not need to worry about all of this if you just want to learn from these courses which i think should be really the core focus of yours just click on enroll for free and just go down here there’s something called as audit the course right so you click on audit the course and that is all that you need to do and you are good to go with taking all of the classes and completing all the different assignments as you can see so that’s all i have for you today i hope that this was insightful i hope you will take this chance to learn python and become a python developer again the course is from google it’s free you get the certificate

Auditing the course on coursera

Also take a look at code studio by coding ninjas if you want to start practicing for your coding interviews that is the logical step once you learn about python development you should take a look at getting opportunities and one way to do that is to prepare yourself for the coding interviews.

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