Huge Loss estimated around 5 Billion $ China as India Bans Foreign Drones

Recently, the Indian Government has taken huge steps to avoid the dumping strategy of china in the drone industry. India is the largest importer of Drones in the whole world. The decision is expected to make a mammoth boost to the Make In India scheme.

Huge Loss
Loss to DJI Drone Company

Huge Loss for Indian Drone Industry?

Curentlty, their is no such big players in drone industry. Chinese company has a vast monopoly all over the world in the drone industry. DJI has around 70% market share in all over the world and in India it is up to 80%. India is a billion dollar industry for drone manufacturing. Drones can be used in various places for videography, surveillance, logistics, delivery, even we saw in this pandemic,drones were used to supply vaccines to various places. If any natural disaster happens,drones are send to survey that area. Inshort drones have a very vast usage and the drone industry is growing on year by year.

It is estimated that the drone industry is going to touch the mark of RS 3000 CRORE in next 5 years.

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Is India only country to ban Drones?

The ans is no. USA has already declared a banned on DJI drones import from china.The reason for the ban was, In china the DJI drones were used to carry out survaliance on Ughyur Muslims camps. The USA has banned DJI at the issue of Human rights violation.

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How the ban will affect India?

In short term, their will be a shortage of drone supplies as there are not any big Indian player in market but slowly and steadily as India grows in the drone industry, the supply chains will be restored to normal and this decision will help in to reduce the huge trade deficit between India and china.

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