India advises citizens to leave Ukraine | 16 February 2022 War warning impact.

Recently Indian government has issued a warning to the Indian citizens living in Ukraine amid Ukraine and Russia tensions. A few days back U.S. President Joe Biden had warned European countries and Ukraine especially that don’t 16th February something big will happen and most probably Russia can launch a full-fledged attack on Ukraine

Indian Government Notice

The Indian government has issued a notice to the Indian citizens living in Ukraine and asked the Indian citizens currently living in Ukraine or planning in the future to move to Ukraine for any reasons Indian government had said that only if it is not essential don’t travel to Ukraine. A proper advisory was issued by the government.

Advisory for Indian nationals in Ukraine

In the issued notice of the Indian government, India had a very soft stance towards Russia and Ukraine attention fair is the other countries in the world heads very bold stance in the issue of Russia and Ukraine. For example, Australia has issued a notice for the Australian citizens living in Ukraine to leave the country as soon as possible and there is a measure possibility of a war that can happen anytime between Russia and Ukraine. along with Australia, many countries like Jordan, New Zealand, Kuwait, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden have also issued a notice in a very strong language.

How the people of Ukraine are evacuating the country

As many governments all around the world have he should then notice to evacuate as soon as possible from the country of Ukraine, many people are leaving the country and moving in Poland as Poland has opened the land borders and some who are able to get the flights are leaving the country and moving to their respective countries.

Ukraine president call for ‘day of unity’ 116th February

Ukraine president has posted on Facebook that he agrees Russia is going to do something very big on the 16th of February and to counter that Ukraine will celebrate ‘day of unity’ and will sing the national anthem together.

Ukraine president

Is India’s decisione is it effect of the prediction of US president Joe Biden?

India’s decision was not affected by the prediction of U.S. President Joe Biden that Russia is going to do something very big and most probably launch a full-fledged attack on Ukraine. India took the decision by looking at the war formations formed by the Russian military around the borders of Ukraine.

From the north, Russia and Belarus are carrying out a military drill which has resulted in Russian troops coming very close to the northern border of Ukraine. from the South, Russia has warned all the countries that no military ship or submarine should be detected in the Baltic Sea. Recently a US submarine was detected very close to the Russian boundary and after that Russia surrounded the submarine and literally launched a warning that if in a given time the submarine is not out of the Russian waters then Russia will attack the submarine.

So due to various seen reasons, India has taken the decision.

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