India Strongly Condemn Singapore’s pm statement of Nehru’s 1950s India | Big Effect to India-Singapore relations

During the parliament session of Singapore country, Singapore 70-Year-old Pm Lee Long has stated many unpredictable statements on which India and Israel are in confusion that how to react on it.

Singapore’s PM Lee Loong

“Nehru’s India” remark on Indian Government Unacceptable : Government sources

Many government officials have strongly condemned the statement given by Singapore’s PM lee Long. With India, the Israeli government is also been targeted by the Singapore Pm. India has reported a protest against this statement.

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What Actually happened in Singapore’s Parliamaent?

During the parliamentary session, a discussion was going on regarding a Member of parliament who has been dismissed recently. In between, Singapore’s PM Lee Loong started to address the parliament on the suspension issue of one of the Member of parliament.

He said that the decisions we took today should be visionary. All decisions will affect us in the future so the decision-making should be done while keeping the future in mind. Along with this, he said there are many countries whose building block was laid perfectly but their progress was all negative. Many countries such as India and Israel are examples of it. The situation grew worse with time in that country. We have two examples with us. David Ben-Gurion, first pm of Isreal, and Jawaharlal Nehru, the first PM of India.

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Many politicians, Leaders are corrupted in the isarael and India. Many have criminal charges against them. Many of them went into jails but were still active members in politics. He said according to news reports in India almost half of the members of parliament in Lok sabha are going through criminal charges like rape and murder.

In short Singapore’s PM, Lee Loong was pointed out that India developed negatively with time and he compared today’s India with India during 1950s.

Indian PM with Singapore’s PM

Reactions From India

Relations of India and Singapore are very well from the beginning and a huge amount of investments are done in both countries. Recently many defense drills were also conducted by Indian and Singapore’s military.

But after the statement of Singapore’s pm, strong reactions against the PM of Singapore is been reported. Many government officials also condemned the statement and factually its not correct.

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