Indo-Pacific Policy, The US Declares India the Leader of South Asia in 21st Century| Huge victory for India

After a long wait, the US has put up an Indo-Pacific policy document in which the problems of the Indo-Pacific region are described broadly. The US openly declared that India is performing the role of leader in the Indo-Pacific region.

Indo – American Relations

Indo-Pacific objective

Indo-Pacific region consists of the western pacific ocean to the Indian ocean. On the paper objective of the Indo-Pacific, the group is to fight against terrorism, have a mutual understanding in Indo-Pacific countries regarding ocean boundaries. But the major objective of the Indo-Pacific group is to counter the Chinese dominance in the region. Recently US published the Indo-Pacific Policy in which the US mentioned that India is the leader of all Indo-Pacific regions.

The US clearly says that India will be the most dominant country in the Indian Ocean and Indian Navy have control of the region. With the statement, the US even said that they will support the economic rise and even the military rise of India in the Indo-Pacific region.

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Why the policy paper of US matters?

The official statement from the US government has stated that the Indo-Pacific Policy paper is going to play a huge part in countering Chinese dominance in the region. These policy papers are part of the Grand Plan of the US against China.

India has openly declared that China is India’s biggest external threat to the sovereignty of the country. The support of the US has made India more strong and dominant position over the Indo-Pacific region.

Reports have said that the aggression of China has evoked a galvanizing impact on the Indian people and the overall country. The most perfect example of this is border infrastructure projects. India has gained an upper hand with china in recent years by developing many projects near the border area. Recently we saw in budget 2022, BRO ( Border Road Organization) allocation has been increased by 40%. The major part of border infrastructure was developed by BRO.

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