Warning ! Joe Biden Warns US citizens to leave Ukraine As Soon As Possible before 20th Feb

Ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine may lead to a full-fledged war soon. Joe Biden has issued a warning for all US citizens to leave the country of Ukraine as soon as possible.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden On Ukraine Issue

Situation in Ukraine

Recently we have seen Russia has deployed its huge army near the Ukraine border. But now Russia and Belarus are conducting a military drill near the northern border of Ukraine. The location of the military drill is near the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The Russian forces can easily target the capital Kyiv if there is a full-fledged war.

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Secondly, the Russian navy is going to conduct a naval exercise in the baltic sea on the southern side of the Ukraine border. Russia has issued a notice that they are going to carry out a naval exercise and remove all kinds of trade and cargo ships from the Baltic sea to prevent any accident.

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Millitary drills, a threat to Ukraine

The ongoing military drill and Naval exercise which is going to be held next week is a major threat to Ukraine. Ukraine will be surrounded completely by the Russian forces and if Russia declares war then it will be so much difficult for Ukraine to defend itself.

Joe Biden stance on Russia-Ukraine tensions

US president Joe Biden has given a candid signal that the US is not going to send any military to Ukraine to defend the land of Ukraine. US citizens in Ukraine are said to leave the country as soon as possible from private airlines. No military will be deployed for evacuation. This states that no military will be deployed gave a strong signal to Ukraine and the whole world that the USA is going to stay quiet if Russia attacked Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine are at verge of War 2022

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