Kickass Proxy Sites | List of Working Kickass Torrent Site 2022

Kickass Proxy websites are designed for users to access knowledge equivalent to movies, TV shows, and films that were earlier accessible through the Kickass Torrents. Proxy sites facilitate users to access data by concealment the particular science address that stops viruses to enter your system.

Kickass Proxy websites help users by preventing the act of tracing the IP address of the user, this prevents the system from being hacked.

How To Utilize Kickass Proxy Site

  • A Kickass proxy site helps the user to use recreation knowledge during a secured manner. It conjointly prevents the user’s data from hackers.
  • the web site generates on-line traffic which might be simply routed via the Kickass proxy websites.
  • Kickass Proxies produce a balance on the server used in order that it doesn’t crash.
  • Kickass Proxy sites management the user’s usage in such some way that it can safeguard the system from any viruses.
  • net speeds are quicker that ensures you’ll transfer data at a quick speed by exploitation minimum bandwidth.
  • Kickass Torrents are famed due to their quick pace proxies which permit you to transfer knowledge employing a VPN during a secured and systematic manner. A proxy website in kickass is a twin of kickass torrent, although kickass torrent is blocked in your country you’ll use its proxy site to relish the recreation content of your choice.
  • Kickass torrent or in alternative words stimulant is that the most well liked piracy site used for downloading pirated content. This software system works with the technical schoolnique of file sharing called peer to peer.
  • in keeping with a number one tech website, kickass torrents moon-faced a huge ending in 2016 thanks to a legal case registered against it by Apple during which the allegation was promoting pirated content and sharing proprietary content freed from price while not relevant legal permissions.
  • The kickass Torrent website had such a robust interface that no alternative website may offer identical level of access to its customers.
  • The kickass Proxy site was the foremost common and wide used site between the year 2014 to 2016. the employment of a VPN makes it easier for the user to use a proxy site since the web site traffic is encrypted. This prevents viruses and malware from coming into your system.
  • stimulant Proxy is one among the foremost common used torrent sites for sanctioning users to transfer media.

Easy Method to Access/Unblock Kickass Torrents

  • First of all, you wish to check in with a registered VPN service. Also, you need to confirm this VPN service allows you to access peer to see torrent files since while not this you may not be able to transfer your favorite torrent files.
  • you wish to form associate degree account on the VPN application on your specific device either a phone or a laptop.
  • the appliance needs your credentials to sign in, you need to ensure, that the VPN server connects mechanically however it additionally supports kickass torrents that you need to access.
  • Kickass Torrents will be accessed easily.
  • The key reason for block a kickass torrent website is as a result of material transfered by the user is proprietary and sharing of such information is unlawful within the eyes of law.
  • the web service supplier can block your access since they’re aware that the information measure being used to download the content is sufficient. The disadvantage of downloading content from a blocked site is that typically the registered server isn’t accessible or doesn’t replicate whereas downloading.
  • There are two {waysways that ways in that} to download your favorite content via kickass torrents. Firstly, you’ll use a VPN which acts as a hidden server concealing the first identity of your information processing address. It additionally helps in redirecting the user to the relevant web website.
  • Secondly, users can use Arabian tea proxy websites or as an alternative referred to as mirror sites that produce a replication of content and build the content offered to users for transfering.
  • Kickass Proxy sites are essential as a result of they supply the user with the relevant torrent files in conjunction with magnet links which you’ll use to download content in a very hassle-free manner.
  • Proxy sites are wide used because the original kickass torrent site has been blocked underneath the cyber law of the country to eradicate piracy.

The kickass proxy list is given below 2022

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Working Kickass Proxy 2022

How To Download Kickass Torrent Without an account

  • Users have to be compelled to transfer a chosen torrent package on your device before you utilize the kickass proxy site to download the relevant content.
  • Users need to visit the subsequent website referred to as
  • A homepage will open, once the user opens this link.
  • ready to} mention the desired information names within the search bar of the web site to download the content victimization the khat proxy site.
  • Before you download any show or tv show, please click on the download torrent choice while not that you’ll not be able to download any movie or content of your choice.
  • Users have to be compelled to click on the transfer torrents website before he return to download the movie.
  • Once the user opens the khat proxy site, select the icon that is labeled magnet, you would like to click the checkmark on the pop- up box as this may permit you to download the relevant content and reserve it on the desired location.

Best working Alternative Toreent Sites 2022

1337x: 1337x was a preferred website that served as a web directory for links to download movies and other entertainment content. This website gained quality within the year 2016, however, because of the exchange of proprietary content. it absolutely was banned by the United Kingdom.

RARBG: This website permits users to hold out a multichannel download which suggests users can transfer movies and music from multiple links at constant time. This web site was illegal in several countries because of the difficulty of proprietary content being shared via the internet.

EZTV: This was one in every of the foremost used websites for downloading diversion content. It helped users to access pirated content digitally. However, EZTV lost all its relevant content to its contestant who took over the operations of the website.

Lime Torrent: Lime Torrent may be a computer programme that provides quality content for the aim of entertainment. diversion content resembling movies and television programs, musical videos can be downloaded for private use. Lime Torrent is that the hottest web site that assists you to search out one thing appropriate that meets your diversion needs.

What is the benefit of using Kickass Proxy/Mirror?

Kickass proxy and mirror websites mirror the original Kickass torrent website. Their purpose is to protect your system from any type of malware or virus. It gives you free access to pirated content which becomes inaccessible on a Kickass torrent site. Kickass torrent websites give users 100% access to entertainment-related content. The proxy server or website works in such a way as to keep your original IP address hidden and safe from hackers.

Proxy sites or mirror sites allow the user to download content faster than the normal torrent site. If you use a proxy site on your browser, it will help you protect the original IP address from recording on any other website that you may open / browse. The only downside here is due to unlimited cash files, internet speed becomes slow, and website opening easily becomes a challenge.

Countries where kickass torrent sites have been blocked

These countries include Portugal, Italy, Malaysia, China, United States, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Costa Rica. Different countries have blocked the use of kickass torrents to restrict the increasing issue of piracy. This also opens doors for hackers across the world to access your personal information if such sites are not blocked.

Kickass torrents are blocked under the cyber laws prevailing in that country which help users to enjoy entertainment content without getting into any legal battle. Kickass torrents therefore can be accessed in the form of kickass proxy websites which allow the user to download content without facing the threat of a virus prevailing in their system.


If you’re trying to find the most effective torrent expertise then on top of mentioned kickass proxy/mirror sites are terribly helpful for you. If you face some issues in looking then you are able to use different sites of kickass . There are such a large amount of alternatives to kickass however some real and standard alternatives we mentioned above.

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