Patent for a unique car sunroof technology is won by Apple 2022


There are many rumors on market about the release of the apple cars, but it is not coming soon in the market. Apple officials have not done any official statement about the launch of the Apple’s car.

But due to a new claim, it won’t be a surprise if Apple launches its car in the coming two to three years. Recently a rumor sparked in the market about the new technology used in cars. Sunroof technology patent won by the apple company in which driver will have a choice to select the transparency of the glass.

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Many times cars with sunroofs cause a problem with heating or extra light. This issue can be solved by this new sunroof technology in which the opacity of the glass can be controlled by the driver itself so the drive will be more comfortable and will give the driver a very new and unique experience.

This rumor was sparked when a modal patent was spotted which would control the opacity level at different angles and settings at MotorTrend. There will be many benefits of this new technology. You can enjoy the natural warmth in chilly winters or a cold breeze in summer. Opening or closing the sunroof with controlling its opacity at the time of opening the window will be great to see.

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Siri and CarPlay can control the new sunroof technology

If we take all the hints from apple, it may be true that Apple’s is going to come up with many new technologies and with new products in the EV segment. A more interesting rumor is coming that the controls of the car can be handled by Siri or Carplay.

The driver just had to command the car and the car would follow it just like the Siri of Apple, Alexa of amazon, or google assistant of Google. It will be very interesting to see what Apple is going to offer regarding the new technology in the coming few years. If all rumors get true then it would be a major change in the history of EV technology and a worth for all the customers.

Apple is developing its self-driving car on the path of Tesla. Some rumors also claim that Apple is going to launch a vehicle in the EV segment just like tesla, it will be very interesting to see a battle of technology between two tech giants. Despite all hints and rumors, it isn’t likely to be launched anyway before 2024-2025. But the wait for the brand new technology will be worth waiting.

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