PM Modi Inaugurates Statue Of Equality Rs1000 Crores Statue In Telangana

On 5th February 2022, PM Modi inaugurates 216-feet tall Statue of Rs 1000 crores ‘Statue Of Equality in the state of Telangana. Statue Of Equality is 2nd tallest sitting statue in the world. The statue is dedicated to Bhakti Saint Shri Ramanujacharya who promoted the idea of equality in all aspects of life including religion, caste, faith, and creed.

What are the key feature of the statue?

The statue is made up of ‘Panchloha’ a mixture of 5 metals: Gold, silver, copper, brass, and zinc, and is considered as one of the tallest metallic sitting statues in the world.

It has been integrated to mark the celebration of the 1000th birth anniversary of Shri Ramanujacharya. The second statue in front of the main structure is going to be unveiled by the President of India on 13th February 2022. This second structure is made up of 120kg Gold and will be installed in front of the main structure of The Statue of Equality. The amount, 120kg gold is used to commemorate the life of Shri Ramanujacharya who lived for 120 years.

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Who funded this Rs 1000 Cr Project?

Bhakti Saint Shri Ramanujacharya has a great following even in the 21st century from various parts of the world. Every rupee spent on the project is collected from donations of devotees of Shri Ramanujacharya. Even in the USA, Europe, and many devotees of Shri Ramanujaacharya are found even today.

Aerial view of Statue Of Equality

Who was Ramanujacharya?

Born in 1017 in Sriperidumbar in Tamil Nadu, Ramanujacahrya was a social reformer and a Vedic philosopher. He traveled to various places and spread the word of equality throughout the Indian sub-continent.

He is considered as inspiration for poets like Kabir, Ramdas, Mirabai, etc. His preachings revived the Bhakti Movement. Bhakti movement was initiated from south India and spread to the whole world.

The Bhakti movement originated in South India during the seventh to eighth century CE, spread northwards from Tamil Nadu through Karnataka, and gained wide acceptance in fifteenth-century Assam, Bengal, and northern India.

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Why it is called the statue of equality?

He took education to those who were deprived of it. His major contribution is the propagation of the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ the words can be still heard by our PM in the UN assemble even now.

The concept teaches us that the whole world is one single family and we should treat everyone with equality. This concept is used by the government in various festivals and books they published. The whole world admires the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam’

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