PUCC Compulsory for refueling in Delhi 2022


The new rule enforced by the government of Delhi says that all vehicles owner has to carry a valid copy of PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificate) with them in order to refuel the vehicle. Recently, the Government of Delhi has released new rules for two-wheeler riders. Recently we have seen the pollution level in Delhi and regions is increasing heavily. Every year Delhi is completely shut down due to pollution which leads to low visibility and many health hazards. This new order is been taken to cut down pollution levels in Delhi and the surrounding region.

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The confirmation of the new rule was given by the Environment Minister of Delhi, Mr. Gopal Rai. He even stated that government is on the way to issuing a draft policy for all counterpoints and suggestions from people to amend the rule if ever needed in the future.

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As per the new rule, all the vehicles whether it be a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, everyone has to carry a valid copy of PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificate) to re-fuel their tanks at the petrol pump. If any case happened in which the vehicle owner is not having a valid PUCC copy then the owner has the option to get PUCC at the petrol pump itself.

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The preparatory and precautionary measures are taken by the government which will keep people in the discipline of PUCC and keeps the pollution level of the city and region in control.

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