Breaking ! Quad Countries for the 1st time Strongly Condemn North Korea’s Missile Launches

Recently during the virtual meet of all 4 quad countries, North Korea’s Missile launches were highly condemned by the quad group. Historically India never opposed or said anything against North Korea but this was the first time when India openly condemn the missile launches of North Korea along with Quad countries.

Quad Countries
Quad Members

What is Quad?

Quad is a 4 country group mainly the United States of America, Japan, Australia, and India. The group was created in 2007 with the main objective of countering the Chinese alliance in east Asia. In between 2010-2016, the quad was not highly active but after the trade war in USA and china started, the quad group was seen actively participating in the geopolitical game.

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History of India and North Korea

Historically there is no such war or aggression in both countries against each other. India is the 2nd biggest importer of North Korea . India never condemns any acts done by North Korea and the relation between these two countries are mostly neutral. This is the first time India openly condemns the Missile launches of North Korea. This incident may lead to worsening the relations between India and North Korea.

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The Quad Countries Meeting

Quad Meeting

The objective of the meeting is not specified but all four quad members strongly condemn the act of launching missiles of North Korea. India played a brilliant strategic game by avoiding the issue of Russia- Ukraine tensions. India specifically covered the topic of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and Pathankot attacks and brought the topic of Terrorism into the meeting and eventually brought the issue of Terrorism in Pakistan to the limelight.

It will be interesting to see will north Korea will backfire on India on the Agni missiles tests or will North Korea will keep the silence and will improve the trade relations with india.

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