Russia and Ukraine are at verge of War 2022

For a few days, Russia and Ukraine has gathered around 1 Lac soldiers near the border and sources are concluding that Russia can start a full-fledged war at any moment on Ukraine. Let’s understand whats the bigger view of the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine.

What is NATO?

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was formed during the tensions of the cold war. It is a 28 country military organization headed by the USA. The member country is always under the nuclear umbrella of the USA. The main objective of the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is to counter the Soviet Union during the Cold war. The treaty was if any NATO member country is been under attack then all member countries will be considered an attack on them. In 1990 when the USSR was partitioned into many countries but the NATO is still in force.

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The whole tension began when Ukraine send the proposal to NATO to include Ukraine as a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Not an official confirmation is done on the membership of Ukraine in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

What does Russia want?

Russia is the biggest part of the Soviet Union after its fall. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s vision is to make Russia great again. But because of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Russia is surrounded by NATO countries from the west. Only Ukraine is not part of the organization. As Ukraine is approaching more and more NATO countries to make Ukraine a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Russia is on verge of launching an attack.

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USA and India’s stance on this issue?

As the major country of NATO, the USA has sent 3000 troops to Ukraine and delivered a huge number of artillery guns to Ukraine. The USA warned Russia of imposing heavy sanctions if they deployed any attack on Ukraine.

Whereas India’s stance on this issue is slightly towards Russia. Indian officials have been told that it is not ethical to invade a country and human rights violation issues may occur. But with this statement, India also told that it is necessary to maintain the sovereignty and security of the country. If Ukraine becomes part of NATO then Russia will be surrounded by NATO countries from the west and it can create a huge problem to the internal security of the country.

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For now, it can be seen that the invasion of Russia is inevitable, as there are more than 1 Lakh troops on both sides face to face, a war can spark at any moment and it will be interesting but sad to see will all NATO countries will help Ukraine or Russia will expand its territory by invading the land of Ukraine.

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