Russia-France 1st Bilateral Meeting on the Ukraine Issue has been completely Disastrous!

Recently, Russia has gathered more than 1 Lakh army personnel near the Ukraine border. The issue was started when Ukraine appealed the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to make Ukraine part of it. Russia as a neighbor country and a foe of NATO countries were against the membership of Ukraine into NATO.

Putin – Macron

Putin – Macron Meeting

French President Emanuel Macron approached Russia for a bilateral meeting on the issue of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the request and invited France President Emanuel Macron to Moscow. The meeting was going on till astonishing 6hours but the expected result was totally devastating for the whole world. Macron wanted to portray him as a leader of Europe but after the meeting, the Russian spokesperson clearly said Macron is not a leader of NATO and we are not willing to sign any kind of agreement with him. Russian President Putin and Macron’s meeting was going on for 6 long hours.

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Conclusion of the Putin – Macron Meeting

During the meeting when the topic of Nuclear war was initiated, Putin clearly said that the Russian military is way more inferior to all NATO forces military combined. In any instance, if Russia felt that it is losing the war, Russia will launch a Nuclear missile.

Article 5 of the NATO agreement states that if any NATO country is been attacked by any external force then all NATO countries will think that it is an attack on them and all NATO countries have to help the country which is been under attack. Putin said, even before you implement article 5 of NATO, we will launch a nuclear attack. If you have article 5 of NATO then don’t forget Russia is a nuclear-capable country.

Later on, Putin said, not the french president wants a nuclear war nor does Russia wants a nuclear war, but if Russia is on the losing side we will attack with our nuclear capacity.

Russia and Ukraine are at verge of War 2022

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