Storm breaker Kernel X12 A11-12

What is Custom Rom ?

Storm breaker Android is that the world’s leading mobile package. It additionally has one in every of the foremost active developer communities. Since Google has created mechanical man open-source, it means the ASCII text file of the operative system (OS) itself is out there to developers, and anyone will create their version of mechanical man if they grasp what they’re doing.

This can be the explanation why the mechanical man OS varies from Google’s pel devices to Samsung’ OneUI and Xiaomi’ MIUI and everything else. This also means individual developers can produce their custom versions of mechanical man, also called custom ROMs. Developers can produce these custom ROMs and add new options and practicality that aren’t offered in stock/vanilla Android.

Build Date:-31-12-2021

Storm breaker Rom


Other Files

NikGapps :-


  • Download the latest build.
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Flash Recovery
  • Flash the latest build and GApps
  • Reboot

Storm breaker Notes

• Backup boot and dtbo before flashing kernel in recovery or in franco kernel manager.
• Restore stock boot and dtbo before flashing if coming from another custom kernel.
• Supports Surya & Karna.

Storm breaker Changelog

  • Merged latest v4.14.260
  • Merged latest msmnile tags
  • kgsl backports for better performance (including games) and lesser janks and no this doesn’t make it a gaming kernel
  • treewide: Remove VLA usage
  • treewide: Queue some stuff onto power efficient workqueues
  • thermal: Add no-op nodes to shut up logspam on ROMs
  • sched: WALT backports
  • sched: Switched to WALT
  • Enable minimal af tracing for iorapd to shut up errors in logs
  • phy: Disable unused drivers
  • rpmsg: Checkout to msm-5.4 for improvements
  • qpnp-rtc: Implement proper suspend/resume routines
  • Enabled XFRM MIGRATE to be able to update addresses of an IPsec SA, as required by MOBIKE
  • Enable ChaCha20Poly1305 for the usage of IPsec
  • Disable a bunch of drivers and unused stuff to reduce the kernel binary

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