Superior OS-Twelve A12 UNOFFICIAL Poco F3 / Mi 11X / K40

What is Custom Rom ?

Nusantara Project Android is that the world’s leading mobile package. It additionally has one in every of the foremost active developer communities. Since Google has created mechanical man open-source, it means the ASCII text file of the operative system (OS) itself is out there to developers, and anyone will create their version of mechanical man if they grasp what they’re doing.

This can be the explanation why the mechanical man OS varies from Google’s pel devices to Samsung’ OneUI and Xiaomi’ MIUI and everything else. This also means individual developers can produce their custom versions of mechanical man, also called custom ROMs. Developers can produce these custom ROMs and add new options and practicality that aren’t offered in stock/vanilla Android.

Build Date:-15-12-2021

Superior OS Rom

Tera Box :-

Mirror :-

Other Files

OFR :-

MiuiMiX V12.5.9.0 – STABLE Android 11 Redmi Note 10 Pro

Superior OS Notes

• build with heart don’t forget give me heart too
• FW version ? up to you
• User Build
• Safetynet passed by default
• Format data (recommended)

Superior OS Changelog

Superior OS Fixes

  • Added some missing permissions
  • Fixed some weird systemui crashes
  • Fixed some more log spams
  • Fixed half black wallpaper after rotating quickly
  • Fixed pink progress animation color in expanded Wi-Fi tile
  • Fixed signal bar icon overlay issue
  • Fixed tts engine crash

Superior OS General Changes

  • Merged December security patch (android-12.0.0_r20)
  • Added customisable monet theme engine
  • Improved statusbar padding
  • Updated 4G+ icon to Silky design
  • PixelPropsUtils: Whitelisted GoogleCamera
  • Redesigned seekbar
  • Added a button to upload crash information to Memocho
  • Added network traffic Indicator customisations
  • Added battery icon customisations
  • Disabled fp lockouts
  • Updated few drawables
  • Increased call log limit
  • Increased active Task Duration time
  • Disabled cursor drag by default for editable TextViews
  • Disabled rotation on lockscreen
  • Brought back our updater
  • Added monet support to dialer , messaging and updater apps
  • Dialer: Removed incall vibration feature (Also present on SuperiorSettings)
  • Dialer: Enabled call recording for all (Removed restrictions)
  • Dialer: Added auto call recording feature

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