Top Electric Scooters in less than 1 Lakh Segment in India 2022

Electric Scooters

The market of the Electric scooters segment has grown very rapidly in India for a few years. The Two-wheeler industry is now more inclined towards the electric vehicle segment and competing to give the best possible offer and product. From Ola to Hero, let’s see which Electric scooters offers to us. Let’s take a look at top Electric scooters in India under 1 Lakh rs.

Hero Electric NYX

It is one of the kind in the electric scooters segment. The hero electric NYX is the only Ev in the list which comes in 2 variants, the first is with a single battery and the second one is a dual battery. The cost of Hero electric NYX is around 67,000 Rs. It has a range of 165 Kilometer with a single charge.

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Hero Electric Flash

Hero electric flash model has one of the best and most attractive designs in the Electric vehicle segment. The Hero Electric Flash has a price range of 46000RS to 60000rs. It is available in two trim levels; LX VRLA and Flash Lx which costs around Rs 59000.

Ampere Magnus

The new company in Electric vehicle industry has quite good offers for the customer. Ampere Magnus costs around 49000Rs to 75000 Rs. The company claims that the riding range of the electric vehicle is around 120-140 Kilometer in standard optimal testing conditions.

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Ola S1

The cab company Ola has jumped into the market of Electric vehicles. The starting range of Ola S1 is RS 85,000. The company claims that Ola S1 has a range of 121 Kilometer in a single charge. The top speed is claimed to be 90 Kmph. It has various modes like Normal mode, sports mode, and comes with an attractive 5 colors option.

Bounce Infinity E1

The most recent addition is in the Electric vehicle segment. The company offers a broad pricing range. It is equipped with battery switching technology which reduced the price of the scooter to RS 59,999 with a battery and charger.

PureEV EPluto 7G

The Indian company offers PureEV EPluto 7G at Rs 83,999. The company claims that the electric scooter has a range of 100 Kilometer with a single charge. The vespa-type design has been put into PureEV EPluto 7G.

Hero Electric Photon

The 3rd Hero Electric scooters on the list is Hero Electric Photon. The cost of the Electric scooter is around 75,000 Rs and according to the claims of company, the scooter has a range of 110 kilometers in a single charge.

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