VoltageOS Android 12 Official v1.2 K20 PRO

What is Custom Rom ?

VoltageOS Android is that the world’s leading mobile package. It additionally has one in every of the foremost active developer communities. Since Google has created mechanical man open-source, it means the ASCII text file of the operative system (OS) itself is out there to developers, and anyone will create their version of mechanical man if they grasp what they’re doing.

This can be the explanation why the mechanical man OS varies from Google’s pel devices to Samsung’ OneUI and Xiaomi’ MIUI and everything else. This also means individual developers can produce their custom versions of mechanical man, also called custom ROMs. Developers can produce these custom ROMs and add new options and practicality that aren’t offered in stock/vanilla Android.

Build Date:- 13-12-2021

VoltageOS Files

Tera Box Vanilla Build:- https://bit.ly/3dPRUGo

Mirror Vanilla Build:- https://bit.ly/3lZnSV8

Other Files

Twrp Recovery :-http://fumacrom.com/11UXc
Firmware: http://fumacrom.com/11UX0
Direct frimware link 12.0.4 Raphelin Global :-http://fumacrom.com/11UWc
OFR latest :-http://fumacrom.com/11UVs
Marisa Kernel:-http://fumacrom.com/11UJ1


  • Boot into Latest OFR Recovery
  • wipe data, cache , system
  • Flash from 
  • Flash Kernel  ( Optional )
  • Flash Decrypt File ( Optional )
  • If system Is decrypted the Reboot to System
  • If Encrypted then Format data
  • Reboot


  • Device Side
  • – Shifted to new trees thanks to @naveenjohnsonv
  • – Shifted to Soviet Star Kernel thanks to @NATO66613
  • – Updated Blobs from LA.UM.9.1.r1-10900-SMxxx0.0
  • – Noticeable improvements in active & idle drain
  • – Better Heat management compared to old builds
  • – Fixed Camera not working in few telegram clients
  • – Added DC Dimming and High Brightness Mode
  • – Compiled using latest TRB Clang 14
  • – Shifted from stock Camera2 to GrapheneOS Camera app
  • – Fixed Ok Google Hotword Permission this need full gapps package to work
  • – Latest Pixel Offline Charging images used
  • – Update Doze Package many features included
  • – Added FPS info tile

Source Side
• Merged latest AOSP security patch. (android12_r16)
• Added Burn-In protection for statusbar and navbar.
• Hide lock icon on Non-UDFPS devices in lockscreen.
• Disabled Wallpaper zoom.
• Unblocked Alarm and Vibrate statusbar icons.
• Added Cellular Tile based on Carrier.
• PackageInstaller shows current/new version on sideload.
• Allowed disabling Screenshot shutter sound.
• Added FPS Info Overlay and Tile.
• Added Phone Ringtone settings for MultiSIM devices.
• Added increasing Ringer.
• Added Brightness slider customisations.
• Added Lockscreen charging information.
• Added LiveDisplay. (LineageOS)
• Added Pocket lock.
• Allowed changing Monet settings from Powerhub.
• Enabled CloudFlare DNS as default fallback.
• Added new QS tiles :
• Volume Panel.
• VPN.
• AOD.
• DataSwitch.
• CPUInfo.
• Reboot.
• Mono Audio.
• Sound Search.
• Compass.
• Music.
• Allowed Skia and Vulkan to be used as HW renderers.
• Added Statusbar Brightness Control.
• Added Batterybar.
• Added Kill Button to Notification guts.
• Added Custom Carrier Label.
• Added Custom Carrier Label Placement.
• Added Battery Styles.
• Added toggle to Disable battery estimates in QS.
• Forwardported CM Screen Security Settings.
• Added option to turn Navbar On/Off.
• Added Old Style Mobile Data Indicators.
• Optional Haptic Feedback on Back Gesture.
• Added Navigation Mode Settings.
• Added extended/”L” back swipe to trigger actions/app/activities.
• Added Blinking Stop Dot and Low Quality options to Screenrecorder.
• Added NFC statusbar icon.
• Added Vibration Patterns from OxygenOS.
• Added options for Vibration Patterns.
• Added option to cycle through Ringer modes.
• Added option to auto hide statusbar clock.
• Added new Privacy indicators for Location.
• Added ProtonAOSP sounds.
• Introducing Wallpaper app : Covers.
• Added Lockscreen Quick Unlock.
• Added Quick Opening of Running Services from QS Panel.

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